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 Introduction rp - further detailed

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Introduction rp - further detailed Empty
PostSubject: Introduction rp - further detailed   Introduction rp - further detailed EmptyFri Jun 20, 2014 1:49 pm

Now that we're done with the boring gimmick stuff, it's time to move on to our first rp! Yay!

Before that though, I'll make a short role play introduction for peoples that might not know. Role play, commonly known as rp, is the art of literaly playing your role. You have already chosen your allignment, you have chosen your gimmick, now it's time to write about it.

When you start an rp, decide it's location. That means, in the ring, backstage, parking lot, somewhere in town, wherever you want! This step decides the first paragraph in your rp which is your entrance on the small/big screen.

For example, you want to make you introduction rp in the ring. You start like this:

Smoke covers the entrance ramp as a fascinating lightning show plays on the titan tron

Then Music X hits in the PA system and Player X appears through the smoke on the entrance ramp

When making -in ring- roleplays, your entrance always comes first. Unless you want to surprise everyone with some shady appearance Razz If you have no idea what entrance to create, just use the TWG system till you figure something else. Your bound to think of a better entrance eventually!

After your entrance, you usually end up in the ring. Well, naturaly... Now your gimmick finally kicks off!

You must already know what you want to be so start introducing yourself! If you want... some heels might skip that and get down to business xD

If I were to introduce myself again as a rookie, I would go like this

Sanji: "Good evening ladies and gentleman! The name is Sanji, the ladies shall remember me, the guys will hate me."


Sanji: "I came here with one reason... Make that two. First, to prove that romance still exists in the world and second, to show what being a true warrior is all about."


Ok, that should be enough, gona stop before I get to much into it lol. Anyway, that should make you a vague idea. It's actually quite a simple concept, all you gotta do is just let it flow Smile

Like Dragon mentioned in the previous thread, try to explain everything in as many details as possible. That will give every one an idea about who you are, you rise your chances to success greatly and best of all, you attract attention! Peoples love to have feuds/storylines with -large content- rp'ers!

Everyone thinks different, acts different in certain situations. I can't tell you how you should be. It all depends on you and you alone. Good luck with your intro Smile

Introduction rp - further detailed Sanji_10
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Introduction rp - further detailed
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