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 First Step: Create yourself a gimmick

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First Step: Create yourself a gimmick Empty
PostSubject: First Step: Create yourself a gimmick   First Step: Create yourself a gimmick EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 8:15 pm

Alright folks, here we go. As the title says, your gimmick is the first step towards role playing! And it's a very important one, without a gimmick you might not find any inspiration, there will be times when you will have no idea what to rp about and so on.

A gimmick is how your character behaves both in ring and outside of ring. Gimmicks can vary over to infinity, for example Sanji has a pirate/noble warrior gimmick. It is best suited for a tweener, meaning I have a flexible choice when it comes to role playing. Story line plays a big part in the way a tweener rp's, take the storyline at about 30% importance, 60% the gimmick and the rest 10%... go wild guys, it's a game Smile

Now back to our gimmicks. When you have decided your allignment (Face/Tweener/Heel), think about what you want your character to be. Simple as that!

Like I said above, it can be everything as long as it remains in the normal (for SWF) borders. Let your imagination run wild! There must be something you always dreamed to be but couldn't in real life, everything but Superman with laser eyes or Spiderman with webs flying from your hands or gadget throwing Batman... you get the point, things like that give you a super unfair advantage and we just don't do that in SWF...

Then, you must have a favorite real life wrestler that you've been watching since you were a kid and you want to carry on his spirit, that's actually something no one ever tried due to the "uniqueness" everyone tries to achieve but it could be interesting.

 Another way to create your gimmick and my favorite is just be yourself! First of all, it's the most unique type of gimmick, there are nowhere in the world two persons that behave the same way, second you will feel very comfortable when you rp, and third you don't even need imagination for this Razz

Once you have chosen what you want your character to be, move on to the next step... Make yourself known!

First Step: Create yourself a gimmick Sanji_10
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First Step: Create yourself a gimmick
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